Why is wearing a Face Mask important in Coronavirus pandemic?

disposable face mask 3 ply

Started spreading somewhere in mid-December and now a global pandemic, COVID-19 or Coronavirus disease is human’s worst nightmare. The disease has left the world shook and the medical community baffled with over 5 million cases worldwide. Today, the people are locked inside their own homes only to go out to buy essential products while following millions of rules & restrictions like wearing 3 ply disposable face masks, gloves, eye gear, carrying hand sanitizer and more to manage and control the spread of coronavirus amongst the community. 

But, is wearing a mask important during Coronavirus pandemic? Can it save the world?

Well, there are a few studies that have been carried out in these recent times regarding the potential wearing a mask holds, and no substantial results have been found. Wearing mask has become a metaphor of the spread of Coronavirus and protection against it, and in this context- we can understand that wearing a mask may not be as helpful to the wearer, but it holds importance for the people standing opposite to the wearer.

Coronavirus is an air-borne disease that enters into a human body (host) through eyes, mouth and nose when from someone who has contracted the virus. Though the Coronavirus disease is a symptomatic disease that comes up between 2-14 days of the day after the disease is contracted, but sometimes it shows no symptoms and stays in the hosts’ body without affecting it and dies within 14 days. But the asymptomatic person is equally dangerous as the symptomatic person- as they won’t show any symptoms but can easily spread the virus unknowingly, which cannot be back-tracked which may further lead to devastating community spread of the disease. Hence, wearing a mask is important especially when you step out of the home. 

So, why wear a face mask?

Wearing a mask will prevent the spread of any airborne infection and prevent the individual from contracting the disease. If someone coughs, talks, sneezes, or laughs, they could release germs into the air and may infect people nearby them. GoSafe Face masks are a part of the infection control & management strategy to eliminate cross-contamination. Don’t let the virus impact us, let’s take the necessary steps and measures to curb the disease and make the world a Coronavirus free nation.

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