Waste that we throw away in a Household: Practice of Re-Use

Clean India Ventures

People consume products, both biodegradable and non-biodegradable. Some of the products are fully consumed without leaving any waste, some leave organic waste and some products generate waste that should not be just thrown away, as they do not decompose and add to the environmental pollution upon being dumped on landfill sites.
According to a study, over 51% of the waste thrown away is organic- and of which at least 30-40% of the products can be reused at home for one or the other purpose. Re-use is a practice that should be taught from a young age and implemented at large. Clean India Ventures has taken an initiative to make the world a better place and create a healthy, safe and sustainable environment by installing GoClean green waste reprocessing machine, and encouraging the practice of re-use at home:

1. Glass Jars & Metal Containers: Containers made out of glass and metal can be easily recycled, and help in cutting down on excess packaging. Glass jars and old coffee canisters make great containers for bulk pantry items, desk organizers or even bathroom containers. Glass jars or metal containers can be used to keep raw pulses and rice.

2. Plastic Soda Bottles and Other Plastic Containers: One can convert plastic bottles into mini flower pots that produce fresh oxygen and add aesthetics to the ambience. The plastic containers should not be microwaved but can be used to store left over food, and or maybe a utensil for bird feeding.

3. Notebooks, Paper Bags & Newspaper: People usually throw away notebooks when they are half full, but now you can make a binder book out of all the leftover pages and design your own book. Also, with paper bags, newspaper and magazines you can make baskets, trays and whatnot. Some people buy cloth material to dry their car glass, but voila, newspapers are just the perfect alternative.

4. Bed sheets or laundry waste: Don’t throw away the old worn bed sheets as they make excellent dusting rags, especially for sucking up pet hair from the kitchen slab. They work great for scrubbing off soap scum and polishing chrome too!

5. Bags: These bags can be used to wrap sandwiches, or pack tiffin boxes that may spill during the commute. Plastic bags can be used as waste bags at trash bins, or can also be reused to carry stuff from the grocery store.

6. Broken Dishes: You can collect the broken china dishes and re-tile outdoor tables, flower pots, paths, or add a unique border to your garden with the bright beautiful looking china dish. You can also use broken china to make a key fob or jewellery. And, if you broke a coffee mug, just grow a small plant for fresh air and aesthetics.

Reusing is a sustainable way of living that should be part of one’s life and Clean India Ventures encourages is amongst every individual. Throwing away items can cost you the life of your loved ones due to environmental damage and may also cost your pocket, as you have to anyway invest in new products.