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Temple Waste Model

Temple Waste Model

Nowadays, there are a lot of devotees that go visit a temple and offer various kinds of goods to Gods like milk, flowers, fruits, and other things. All the offerings are sometimes distributed amongst the poor who live on the temple premise or are just dumped outside the temple which further adds to organic waste. With the GoClean Temple Waste reprocessing machine, all the organic waste can be put to good use. The machine can be installed at the temple site that can convert up to 1000 kg of waste a day into recyclable by-products like organic compost or liquid fuel.

The unit is capable of reprocessing from 50 kg per day to up to 2 MTD of organic waste on-site. We have multiple by-products according to the type of bio-degradable waste we get. The unit is capable of recovering the cost of manpower. The plant works in reprocessing mode to take continuous input and gives continuous selectable output. Workers segregate all inorganic materials from input content and put them into a bin. The machine also maintains the moisture balance. The machine takes the load of more than 2 tonnes per day at top load. With built-in sensors machine helps in checking and maintaining the right balance of moisture and steam to process the waste. As the temperature increases, machine activates the bacteria which help in breaking the organic compost into fertile compost. The machine vaporizes the moisture present in waste and vents through the blower into the drain.

Clean India Ventures with their invention of the GoClean technology are trying to make this world a healthier place for one and all and in their effort to do so wish to encourage everyone to use organic produce and not generate non-biodegradable waste, as it is harmful to nature and will eventually affect us in the longer run. We follow and promote the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan which is the most significant cleanliness campaign launched by the Government of India.

Challenges to Temple waste management

There are many challenges to traditional Temple waste management and few of them are as follows:

  • Religious sentiments don't favour composting of temple waste,
  • No one likes the smell of compost at religious places, and
  • Waste generated outpaces waste treated.

Temple Waste Model

temple waste management

Understands the sentiments

Unlike the traditional composting or other composters out there, it converts holy offerings like flower petal etc into havan samagri or fuel sticks.

temple waste management


It’s smart ventilation gives it an edge over the traditional composting methods in terms of keeping your temple waste smell free.

temple waste management

Accelerated composting

It’s high capacity and controlled composting gives you the 70-80% mature compost at much accelerated rate than the traditional composting methods.

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