Smart Waste Management System for Greener & Sustainable Future

food waste management in india

India is amongst one of the most garbage producing countries, according to UN Environment, and it also, amongst the countries that are yet to start managing the waste. In India, one can see a dump-yard and can also expect to see a slum or society nearby it where people are living and going about their lives being and feeling unaffected. The studies show that garbage produce gases that are harmful to human health, and so anyone living in the vicinity to a garbage dump yard is exposed to various health risks, like asthma, dengue, malaria, cholera and more.

The garbage being dumped in open or into the oceans has major impacts on the health of our environment. Certain governmental and non-governmental organisations are taking steps to manage waste, and also remove them from the surroundings to create a healthy, green and sustainable environment for the people of the world. Clean India Ventures has ventured into installing their GoClean machines (green-waste recycling machines) all across India that can reduce organic waste at the site and make the surroundings cleaner.

Abhishek Gupta has invented the GoClean technology that can change the garbage scenario across our country and all around the world. It is a smart waste management system that upon proper installation at any location helps establish a proper food waste management system, mixed organic waste management system, horticulture waste management system and more. The machine can be used to reduce and convert over 1,000 Kg of organic garbage in a day to organic manure. This machinery is the answer to the mounting garbage heap across cities and thus a smart system which puts a stop to increasing organic waste thrown away in the garbage.

GoClean machines are available in 3 different models- mainly Horticulture Model, Mixed Organic Waste Model and Temple Waste Model. The GoClean machine is a very useful resource which is low cost and easy-to-operate and can effectively reprocess the waste with the help of 4–5 semi-skilled persons.
To manage waste smartly at your premise, you can follow the following steps:

1. Install a GoClean Waste Reprocessor: Answer this question after analysing the waste produced within your premise. Let’s say it is a temple premise, the waste produced in and around these kinds of premises are mostly fruits, leaves, flowers, other packaged offerings and more. So, here you can install a Temple Waste Management model which will support your waste management process and also save our environment- as lesser waste will be thrown away in a dump or into the ocean.

2. Segregate Waste: Once the machine is up and ready to use, the first step that goes into smartly managing the waste is to segregate it. The waste collected at a temple premise, as mentioned above may range from flowers to plastic packaging, thus it is highly necessary that you segregate the waste into firstly, organic and non-organic waste. The machine is fully equipped to reprocess the organic waste, and the temple management should speak with the municipality for waste management support for non-organic waste like plastic packaging, bangles, etc.

3. Put waste in GoClean Machine: After manually segregating the waste, organic waste must be put into the GoClean machine (green waste reprocessing machinery) and wait for 24-48 hours for the organic waste to decompose off.

4. By-products: During the last 24-48 hours, the temple organic waste converted into organic manure, which not just enriches the soil but also doesn’t add to the on-going waste/garbage problem of our country.


Your contribution towards making India a greener and sustainable environment by installing a GoClean machine will almost cut down 40-50% waste produced at your site. If we look at a bigger picture when these kinds of smart waste management systems are implemented at scale, the earth can truly become a better place to live on, and Clean India Ventures endeavours to make that happen in the near future.