Role of Clean India Ventures’ GoClean in making India clean

green waste reprocessing machine

The earth is struggling to keep up with the changing environment due to the continuous rise in the pollution level. Humans are cutting trees, freeing the hazardous elements into the soil, water and air without even giving a second thought to the consequences of their actions on the environment. The earth is suffering, and with the ever increasing problem of garbage, it is worsening the situation. 0.8 kg/per person per day waste is being generated according to a research carried by The World Bank, which amounts to approximately 2.1 billion tonnes of solid waste produced in a year. People living in the vicinity of a garbage dump are exposed to various kinds of health issues ranging from respiratory problems to skin issues and more. There are several governmental and non-governmental organizations, like Clean India Ventures that are taking steps to shrink these huge piles of garbage or at least take steps to reduce them at source.

Clean India Ventures are focused towards eliminating garbage at source with their GoClean technology and help create a healthy and sustainable living environment for all. They believe in intelligent waste management and with their GoClean- green waste reprocessing machine, they can reduce and convert over 1,000 Kg of organic garbage in a day to organic manure. The mounting garbage heaps across the cities can be managed by simply installing the machine; Clean India has already installed their technology in various parts of Delhi-National Capital Region and is focused on installing over 200 machines within the year. This is a very useful resource which is low cost and easy-to-operate, and can effectively reprocess the waste with the help of 4–5 semi-skilled persons. GoClean is a solid waste convertor machine that was designed and invented by a revolutionary thinker, Mr. Abhishek Gupta, who is unceasingly working towards building a better future for coming generation. GoClean machines can reprocess over 100 kg to 3MTD of solid waste per day on-site. These re-processors maintain the accurate balance between air flow, temperature and moisture with right proportions of heat, salt and acid resistant which converts the waste into required by-product. To make India clean, GoClean re-processors are available in 3 different models:

1. Temple Waste Model: To reduce and recycle solid organic waste- flowers, fruits, leaves etc. Clean India Ventures designed a machine that converts waste into manure that is safe, pure and organic.

2. Horticulture Waste Model: GoClean’s horticulture waste model is specially designed to reduce waste produced at farmers’ market or farm like- dry leaves, wood, grass, dry flowers etc.

3. Organic Mixed Waste Model: When the segregation of waste material is not possible on site, one can install an organic mixed green waste reprocessor.

These are the 3 kinds of models that are successfully being installed at many locations to preserve our surroundings from further damage, and help restore air and water balance in the vicinity. This intelligent piece of machinery has been installed at:

  • River Yamuna, Delhi to convert flower waste into organic products which can be used as havan samagri. Also, the machine will save approximately 5 tonnes of flower waste from being dumped in the river.
  • Government Officers’ Colony at Sec 14A, Noida to convert society’s organic waste such as leftover food, horticulture waste etc. into organic compost which can be used in fertilizing the gardens of the society.
  • Nigambodh Ghat to convert religious offerings at crematorium into havan samagri supported by Union Minister Harsh Vardhan.

GoClean, green waste reprocessor has been installed at numerous temples, parks and commercial site in the year 2017, 18, 19 within Delhi in association with government bodies, and in the process it has reprocessed over thousands of tonnes of organic waste on annual basis, and the number is expected to grow in near future.