Putting Garbage to Good Use with GoClean Technology

garden waste management

There is a huge garbage problem that our world is facing. According to a research, almost over 70% of the total garbage produced from all around the world is left untreated and left in our water bodies or thrown in a landfill and a major portion of which is organic waste and plastic. Only a few countries have taken initiative to minimise the waste they produce, unfortunately, India is not among those countries. There are many organizations in India that have taken corrective measures to revert the damage caused to our Mother Earth like Clean India Ventures Pvt. Ltd. CIVPL is on a mission to transform our planet by reducing organic waste into greener products using its GoClean Technology.

Abhishek Gupta envisions India as a clean and green state. To achieve his dream, he curated a technology today known as GoClean technology that is a green waste reprocessing machine, which recycles the organic waste discarded from multiple locations into compost at the source. Clean India Ventures is working on installing their GoClean technology at various waste generating sources like hotels, societies, industries, commercial buildings, farms and fruit & vegetable market amongst many other locations. The waste from these sites are segregated and put into the machinery which reduces the waste.

With this technology, Clean India Ventures aims at creating a clean, healthy, disease-free and sustainable environment. The company has installed over 200 GoClean machines all around Delhi/NCR and it envisions to install over 500 GoClean machines across the country by 2022. The technology is available in 3 Models that is Organic Waste Model, Horticulture Model and Temple Waste Model, and here are some details about the same:

1. Temple Waste Model: Now days, there are a lot of devotees that go visit a temple and offer various kinds of goods to Gods like milk, flowers, fruits and other things. All the offerings are sometimes distributed amongst the poor who live on the temple premise or are just dumped outside the temple which further adds to organic waste. With GoClean Temple Waste reprocessing machine, all the organic waste can be put to good use. The machine can be installed at the temple site that can convert up to a 1000 kg of waste a day into recyclable by-products like organic compost or liquid fuel.

2. Horticulture Waste Model: This machine is specially designed for farms and or locations where there can be a huge amount of organic waste in the form of dry leaves, wood, grass or dry flowers. The machine then further on can convert hundreds of Kgs of organic waste at the source into organic compost.

3. Organic Waste Model: This machine is designed for locations where it is physically difficult to segregate the various kinds of organic waste- dry leaves, dry fruits, fruit & vegetable skin flowers, etc. GoClean technology is designed to reduce up to 1000 Kg of organic waste per day and convert it into organic manure. This is ideal for residential societies, commercial complexes, botanical gardens, temples, etc.

Clean India Ventures with their invention of the GoClean technology are trying to make this world a healthier place for one and all, and in their effort to do so wish to encourage everyone to use organic produce and not generate non-biodegradable waste, as it is harmful to nature and will eventually affect us in the longer run.