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Organic Mixed Waste Model

Organic Mixed Waste Model

Clean India Ventures steps towards managing our mixed organic waste at home and taking these steps towards food waste management in India can fix our nation a little.

Clean India Ventures is endeavored to make the world green, organic, and wastage free. We have designed a complete green waste reprocessor machine that converts mixed organic waste, horticulture waste, kitchen waste, temple waste, and more into organic manure. The machine can convert approximately 1000 Kg of waste in 24-48 hours. If installed strategically, the machine is capable of controlling the society's waste problem with the support of semi-skilled labor required for segregation.

Challenges to Organic waste management

There are many challenges to traditional Organic waste management and few of them are as follows:

  • It’s mixed nature makes it very hard to
  • If the waste gets contaminated could pose some serious
    health risks, and
  • Space is always an issue in places where this type of waste is produced.

Organic Waste Model

Organic waste management in india

Compost mixed waste

It is especially designed to compost the mixed organic waste by controlling temperature, pressure, moisture and other elements.

organic waste composter machine

Contamination proof

The machine is especially designed to prevent the waste from getting contaminated and thus, eliminates the risk of any health hazard.

best organic waste converter

Needs less space

Though the machine takes significant space, it is comparatively smaller than the space normal composting requires.

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