Intelligent Waste Management Process with Clean India Venture’s GoClean

Anyone who lives in the vicinity to a garbage-filled area is exposed to multi-health risk; some develop respiratory problems due to the polluted air around it, some develop bodily bacteria and infections by drinking unhygienic water. Various governmental and non-governmental organizations are taking steps to eradicate and remove the piles of garbage getting piled up in the streets, or landfills or from being dumped in the ocean. But are they successful? Are they able to treat and reduce the garbage into by-products that aren’t causing harm to the environment?

What is needed is an intelligent waste management process that can eliminate the problem from its roots, and deliver a healthy and sustainable living environment for all. Clean India Venture has developed a technology, GoClean that can reduce and convert over 1,000 Kg of organic garbage in a day to organic manure. This machinery is the answer to the mounting garbage heap across cities that are maligning our space. This is a very useful resource which is low cost and easy-to-operate, and can effectively reprocess the waste with the help of 4–5 semi-skilled persons.

This intelligent piece of machinery can convert organic waste at source, and the source can be a temple, a horticulture farm or even a kitchen. These are the 3 kinds of models that are successfully being installed at many locations to preserve our surroundings from further damage, and help restore air and water balance in the vicinity.
So, how can we achieve a garbage-free and healthy environment with Clean India Venture’s GoClean Machinery?

Step 1: Waste at Site
With waste being continuously produced in the premise, it can be collected at one place for reduction by the GoClean machine.

Step 2: Manual Segregation of Organic and Non-Organic Waste
Once the waste is collected at 1 place, it has to be manually segregated into organic and non-organic waste. The machine can convert organic waste into further products. [Note: The body involved should also get the non-organic waste disposed of.

Step 3: Putting Organic Waste into GoClean for Composting
After manually segregating the waste, you can put the organic waste into the green waste reprocessing machinery and wait for 24-48 hours.

Step 4: After 24-48 hours the organic waste reduces to organic compost
The wait is over; you have contributed towards making this earth a better place for many by doing your part and not adding to the garbage pile. You can now use the by-product (organic manure) in big fields to enrich them with nutrients, and or even sell it.

Generally speaking, if a city replaces its waste-carrying truck fleet with green waste reprocessor, GoClean, it would have a revolutionary effect on environment and expenditure without affecting the employment.By this, we will get rid of ugly landfills and turn our organic waste into compost at source. People need to take similar steps like vermi-composting, bio-gas and or other towards preserving the earth from becoming a trash can.