How to minimise waste this festive season?

food waste management in india

India is a land of many cultures and with many cultures, come numerous festivals like Holi, Diwali, Durga Puja, Dussehra and Eid. People in India don’t shy away from celebrating each festival with equal zest and zeal, and to do so engage in decorating the surroundings, bursting crackers, exchanging gifts and sweets, wasting water and indulging themselves in big feasts.

With so many preparations comes a lot of waste that goes unaccounted for and is also not managed at so many levels. To help manage the waste being produced, Clean India Ventures is here to encourage each and every one to be part of this initiative and inspire others to produce minimum waste this festive season by practicing the following:

1. Reduce: During the festival of Holi, people engage in exchanging gifts, sweets box, colour packets, buying water guns, balloons, etc. that generates a lot of plastic & rubber waste which adds to the on-going issue of waste management. Waste produced during the festival season can be reduced if people are encouraged enough to use green packaging material while exchanging gift like paper, and children use dry colours to play Holi instead of buying water guns and or balloons.

To further reduce the waste that is being produced during the festival of Holi, you can use green waste reprocessor machine (Go Clean Composter Machine) designed by Clean India Ventures that can reduce 1000 kg of organic waste a day into re-usable by products. The waste can be collected from the localities around and be reduced in a local green waste reprocessor machine installed in the park. There are GoClean machines installed in various parts of Delhi- NCR which can be made the most of, to have a clean and waste-free Holi.

2. Reuse: While individuals are involved in reducing the waste produced, another thing that they can participate in is re-using their old Holi left-overs like water guns, balloons, colours, and or re-using their old packaging material. Reusing left-over supports the green movement as you are not creating further waste and damaging the environment.

3. Recycle: You can give away your coloured clothes, newspapers, packaging, glass bottles and other materials collected at home to a collector who recycles all these materials into new products. This is one of the major ways to reduce the production of new material and diminish unmanageable waste.

So, let’s take a pledge this festive season to make your surroundings green and waste-free and also encourage others to practice the same.

Who should practice this approach?

This practice of the 3 R’s that is Reuse, Reduce and Recycle should be used by one and all this festive season and all year across. Many non-profit institutions are practicing this and taking initiatives to instigate the feeling of a clean, green and sustainable environment. This approach has a huge positive impact on the environment, as we are generating 25~40% less waste reducing in the damaging effect waste has on our surroundings.

Clean India Ventures Private Limited (CIVL) is working with an endeavour to bring about a paradigm shift in the society by encouraging people to opt for better choices over generating garbage that is hurting the environment. The company is fighting a battle against the impending problem of garbage in our surroundings. Clean India Ventures has designed a product known as GoClean that is a green waste recycling machine (GoClean Composter Machine) that reduces organic waste to the minimum. The machine offers a path-breaking technology that converts kitchen waste, horticulture and other kinds of organic waste like Garden Waste, Mandir Waste, or Mandi Waste into Organic Compost and Liquid Fuel.