How Disinfectant Chamber work against COVID-19?

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Nepal, Russia, America, Afghanistan and all the other countries around the world are facing similar side-effects of Coronavirus pandemic as our nation, India. Government authorities have spent a major portion of the economy in fighting the pandemic by purchasing Personal Protective Equipment, Infrared Thermometer, disinfection chamber, more focused medical services, enhanced security support & staff; government is taking all the necessary measures to control the spread of COVID-19 amongst the people of the country.

At, Clean India Ventures, we have endeavoured to try and fill the huge gap in the supply and demand of the essential protective gears and equipment in India and beyond. We have designed eco-friendly products that will disinfect the human body one at a time as they walk through it and cleanse him/her from any physical Coronavirus droplets or organisms. It is a disinfectant chamber- that is portable and can be walked- through. The chamber as it is known is disinfectant is equipped with sanitizer and soap dispenser and it can sterilize over 500 people from germs, viruses and bacteria as they walk through it.

The machine requires a sanitization solution refill after almost disinfecting over 500 people. Why this machine is necessary you ask? Well, to get one human sanitized at once can take a lot of time, whereas, this is an electronically operated machine built with a motor and sensors- that pump the disinfectant solution into a mist of hypo-sodium chloride for 15 seconds and then automatically stops.

But, where do these disinfectant machines have the most use? What are the places it can benefits?

The world is suffering from a mass pandemic, and it will require steps to be taken that can help the masses. As mentioned earlier, it will be humanely impossible to sanitize every soul walking through, in and out of anywhere to anywhere, but with the placement of the disinfectant chamber, once can at least moderate the process and stop the spread of the novel Coronavirus disease that has already affected over 5 million people worldwide. So, here is the list of places that can benefit if the disinfectant chamber is placed on the entry & exit of these premises:

1. Hospitals: Millions of people walk in and out of a hospital, especially government facilities like All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Safdarjung Hospital, and more. These people come in contact with many random people who may or may not have Coronavirus, and obviously, it is not the time to take chances. So, installing a disinfectant chamber can be a huge help.

2. Railways Stations, Bus Stands & Air travel: Similarly, now that the government is loosening up the rules & regulations for travelling across India, it gets imperative that every individual travelling is monitored and sanitized to press pause on the spread of Coronavirus across geographical boundaries.

3.Commercial Infrastructure (Malls, Shopping Complexes, etc.)

4. Office Spaces


While installing disinfectant chamber can play an active and robust role in stopping Coronavirus spread, it is still very essential that people follow the WHO (World Health Organization) recommended guidelines like washing hands frequently, wearing a mask, coughing in the elbow, not touching face and more. We all are in this together, and it too shall pass.

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