How can Solid Waste be transformed from Waste to Best?

Waste management is one of the most talked about issues these days in every part of the country; either it’s a metropolitan city like Delhi that has an inadequate waste disposal system or a village that sees un-treated waste being disposed of on vast fertile land. According to a recent news article, published by a leading news agency, Delhi generates over 95,00,000 Kg of garbage every day all being dumped at 3 landfill sites within the city. The huge piles of waste collected spread various kinds of mosquito-borne diseases and also pollute the underground water, soil and air giving rise to short-term and long-term diseases.

The waste is collected from different sources like hotels, residential colonies, hospitals, commercial complexes and public areas like bus stands, markets, etc. and is brought to the treatment facility. This whole process requires a lot of efforts and manpower whereas if one implements on-site disposal system then all the above mentioned resources can be saved and utilized at a better location. Several steps can be taken by municipalities to reduce such waste-borne diseases or issues by setting up bio-gas plants at waste disposal centres or setting up green waste reprocessor machines, like designed by Clean India Ventures Pvt. Ltd. known as GoClean that disposes of organic solid waste into organic manure.

Clean India ventures is dedicatedly working towards building surroundings that are garbage free, more enriching and offers a healthy and sustainable quality of life. Clean India Ventures has endeavoured into designing a technology that not on disposes of the green solid waste at the site but also converts the waste into re-usable by-product that nourishes the soil and improves its health. GoClean can convert approximately 1000 kg of green waste in a day into organic fuel without releasing any harmful chemicals in the environment.

So, how will the solid waste get transformed from waste to best?

Clean India Venture’s GoClean that reprocesses green waste is an automatic mechanized organic waste converter that converts all kinds of organic waste- agro-waste, temple waste, kitchen waste, horticulture waste, etc. into by-products- organic manure or liquid fuel. The green refuse needs to be segregated before it is put into the converter, and here is what one should do to segregate the waste and convert it into best:

• Identify varieties of Waste: Either you are at a farm or near a big kitchen (like in gurudwaras), there is a lot of green waste that includes fruit & vegetable skin, flowers, stale items, kumkum, etc. Some of the products are directly thrown away where as some are covered in cellophane sheet which needs to be identified and separated from the organic waste.

• Segregate into Biodegradable and Non-biodegradable & Re-usable or not: Once the wastes are identified, it needs to be segregated into usable and non-reusable categories. Like fruits and clothes can be distributed among beggars who live around the temple, whereas milk that is poured onto the idol is a waste and not reusable will go into the biodegradable category. Other offerings like flowers, leaves and more are collected together which will get further processed into the machine as they are biodegradable.

• Put segregated waste in Organic Waste Model: Upon segregation, biodegradable waste is put into the GoClean machine installed at various sites which will convert the green refuse into organic manure.

• Green Waste converts into Organic Manure: The waste is converted into reusable by-products that help in improving the soil nutrients level.

The whole process basically coverts the left overs into best and useful by-products saving the environment from un-treated garbage being collecting and creating problems for the people living around.