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Horticulture Waste Model

Horticulture Waste Model

Horticultural waste refers to tree trunks and branches, plant parts and trimmings generated during the maintenance and pruning of trees and plants all over Singapore. Used wooden pallets and crates are usually sent to the recycling companies for repair and reconditioning.

A new innovative reprocessor for horticulture waste is GWR which is an abbreviation of Green Waste Reprocessor. The best thing about this machine is that it is installed close to the point of waste generation, thereby, saving the burden of transporting the waste from the point of generation to the treatment site. Easy to install, it requires small space to set up and can be successfully operated by employing 2 or 3 semi-skilled laborers. Green Waste Reprocessor recycles the horticulture waste into rich compost which can be used to fertilize the farmland in an organic way. True, a city might require dozens of Green Waste Reprocessor to successfully reprocess the total horticulture waste, but only a decentralized model of dealing with waste can solve the problem effectively on a sustainable basis.

Challenges to Horticulture waste management

There are many challenges to traditional Horticulture waste management and few of them are as follows:

  • Waste generated outpaces waste composted,
  • Needs a big chunk of land for waste treatment, and
  • The horticulture waste can home pests.

How Horticulture Waste Model helps?

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Accelerated composting

It’s high capacity and controlled composting gives you the 70-80% mature compost at much accelerated rate than the traditional composting methods.

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Needs less space

Though the machine takes significant space, it is comparatively smaller than the space normal composting requires.

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Pest proof

It’s close structure gives it an edge over the traditional composting methods in terms of keeping your horticulture waste pest free.

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