Horticulture Waste Management

In a municipal precinct, heaps of horticulture waste may be found every day near parks, gardens, and greenbelts. Some locals who still burn tree branches and dry leaves to cook food and to keep themselves warm in winters pick up some of it. But the large mounds of the waste are either made a bonfire of by the caretakers or transported through trucks to landfill sites. Neither of these is a prudent step if the end objective is to protect the environment from the onslaught of pollutants. Some urban authorities install big sized incinerators at the outskirts of the city. These machines convert the horticulture waste into compost or combust it into ashes. But, practically, it has been seen that the capacity of such machines generally does not match with the quantity of horticulture waste that is cumulatively generated in a city at its various green sites.