Converting Green Waste Into Soil Nutrient

The practice of treating Organic Waste at source is fast catching up these days. Lately, people have begun to understand the advantages of smaller e-processors which can process and reduce substantial volumes of the green waste of a given premises into small quantity of by-product which can be used to enrich soils.

Organic Waste

We know that most of our urban waste is an organic waste. By a rough estimate, 70% part of urban garbage is organic. It may be classified in different categories, but the fact remains that it is organic and hence bio-degradable. A picture of predominant organic wastes at different places is given below:

  • Kitchen waste at residential societies
  • Dry branches and leaves at parks and gardens
  • Perishing greens at vegetable market
  • Flower waste at temples
  • Food leftovers at hotels and canteens

Small-sized Re-processors

If instead of allowing these organic wastes to become a part of landfill sites, which have their own serious hazards to human life and environment, the waste is reduced at source on daily basis by employing small re-processors, we can see a miraculous improvement in environmental conditions. People are waking up to this prospect with arrival of efficient, innovative, and easy-to-install-and-operate machines.

These machines reprocess solid organic waste into a by-product which is much less in volume and weight as compared to the size of waste it reprocesses. What good use could that by-product be is a question to ponder over?

GWR’s Soil Enriching By-product

One successful machine of this kind is GWR i.e. Green Waste Reprocessor developed by Clean India Ventures. It has received accolades for the innovation of the year, and many of GWRs are successfully working at different locations. After reprocessing of waste, it produces a small quantity of refined by-product which is packed in one or two kilos or bigger sachets and can be utilized to enhance the fertility of the soil.

This by-product is a typical biomass which can be added to soil to increase its fertility over a period of time. The makers of GWR have named the by-product as ‘Earth  Life’ which enlivens the fertility of soil by composting itself in the contact of soil over a period of time.

Ideal Solution

Thus, these small reprocessors are seen as ideal solution to deal with urban organic waste,

GWR eliminates to a large extent:

  • The need to transport the refuge from the waste-generating sites to the landfill sites.
  • The need of landfill sites, thereby, various disadvantages and hazards thereof.
  • The large quantity of green wastes and converting them into small quantity of soil nutrient.

What better way could we expect to do away with organic waste than reducing it to a healthy organic soil nutrient!