An Initiative towards better India – Tree plantation

It is an interesting coincidence in the attitude towards trees that India has exhibited in the past few centuries in relation to plantation of trees. There is a need for the famous Chipkoo movement to hinder mass deforestation being done to make way for industrial and infrastructural development in the country. And then there are successful mass plantations being held in different states of the country. Indian are proficient at finding all methods of convenience through life hacks. Our most sustainable life hack is tree plantation for a better India.

How Tree Plantations Benefit India?

Trees benefit India in many ways. The first and foremost way, tress plantation is sustainable production. Industries such as the pulp and Paper Industries, Match Industry, Timber and Sawn Wood Industries, Plywood Industries, Particle Board Industries, Fiber Boards Industries, Dendro Biomass Power Generation Industries, Oil and Biodiesel Industries, and many more utilize timber wood or wood in other forms as raw materials.Excessive deforestation will lead to depletion of the natural resource, ultimately harming the future of Indian economy by increasing requirement to import from other countries. So for sustainable development and future of the Indian economy, Indians benefit by planting trees throughout their life.

It is beneficial to plant trees and participate in regular tree plantation drives. Afforestation will provide a constant flow to industrial consumption of raw material. If quality and maintenance can be ensured, the utilizing industry benefits in the control over quality of the raw material they require.

The second is controlling carbon footprint. Each tree consumes about 21 kg of carbon dioxide to convert and provide equal amounts of oxygen. Tree plantation will reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that each human produce via consumption of oxygen and other organic things. Each person has a certain amount of carbon he/ she produces each day which is called their carbon footprint.If each Indian starts to plant trees, she/ he is looking at a better quality of life with an increase in oxygen and a decrease in the carbon dioxide.

As absurd as it may sound, but it is true- tree plantation in India can give Indians a chance to life the mythological way. Each Indian wants to go back to the good old days. The good old days did have less hazards caused because ofenvironmental destruction, undoubtedly. By planting trees and regularly taking care of them for the first 5 years, each Indian gets a chance to live life like gods. An Indian, just like any God, can create life and sustain it by tree plantation.

Another benefit India can cash in on by planting trees is Eco- tourism. Tourism is a budding industry in current dates. Indian tourism industry generated Rs. 5,949 Billion INR solely in 2017, with foreign travels amounting to Rs. 1,961 Billion INR. Tourism industry confirms that tourists want to explore the unexplored, fragile, and pristine natural areas with certain amount of comfort providing commercialization.Planting trees by Indians will give India a chance at creating such natural occurring beauty points composed of a supportive ecosystem. A co- existence eco commercial complex which generates on recycled energy(as utilized practically by Scandinavian countries such as Sweden) can be created for eco-tourism in India. With enough man power of around 133. 92 CR  at disposal for tree plantation, liberal FDI policies and beneficial dynamic tourism trends; it is plausible for Incredible India to create a supportive environment for commercialized eco- tourism.

Incredible India is a mega diverse sub continent which has all four seasons and a varied climate pattern. Deforestation influences the climate pattern more than the general public comprehends. It is a fact that deforestation results in a decreased in transfer of water from land to the atmosphere via evaporation. Deforestation is making it difficult for the experts to predict climate properly since there is ever changing. With an increase in the carbon dioxide,soil erosion and deforestation; survival for the next few generations will be miraculous. Certain environmental issues India is already facing are soil erosion, water scarcity, acid rains, increased consumption of green house gases, air pollution, changed air patterns, fauna displacement, and much more. The only drastic action these issues require is mass tree plantation throughout the country.

Mass tree plantations are a great idea for cheap and beneficial Corporate Social Responsibility. It is the first step towards sustainable development and control over carbon foot print.