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GoClean Composter Machine is a new age Organic Waste Converter designed to process Organic wastes into products such as compost or fuel sticks or havan samagri. With its innovative technology, the unit maintains a right balance between temperature, air flow and moisture with the right proportions of heat, salt and acid resistance. The unit is capable of processing 500kg of organic waste into a 70-80% mature compost within a day with almost 85% volume reduction.

Advantages of Organic Waste Converter Machine

organic waste converter machines


  • Composts maximum of your Food/Kitchen waste
  • Fully Automatic, hence, saves a lot of manual efforts
  • Process organic waste within 24 hours
  • You get a variety of end products like Compost or fuel sticks or Havan Samagri
  • Saves you the waste treatment cost

Technical Specification for Green Waste Reprocessor- GWR 500 Kg

Capacity 5000 kg of Segregated Organic Waste
Dimensions (in mm) 240 cm x 120 cm x 150 cm
Process Type Mechanical Aerobic Composting Machine - self digested Model
Process Duration 2-3 days
Composting System Inbuilt Shredding and Curing System
Volume Reduction 80-85%
Weight (in kg) 1000
Usage of Micro- Organism No usage of Micro- Organism
Operation Fully Automatic
Compost Removal In 24 hours
Shredder In-built Shredder
Shredder Blades Forged Alloy Steel
Internal Processing Chamber SS 304 with 2 MM thickness
Mixing Arms & Shaft MS
Inlet Hopper & Outlet SS 304 with 2 MM thickness
External Body SS 304
Blower For Aeration inside the System and to remove water vapor
Heating System Band Heaters (6 x 1.5 KW) to maintain the temperature of processing chamber and preheating of process air
Motor Gearbox Integrated Motor Gearbox, CIVL make
Total Connected Load (HP) 15
Control System Semi-Automated Control System
Unloading Automatic with unload function/ mode
Electrical Components L & T
Safety Features Emergency switch to stop machine, Motor Overload protection feature, Temperature control etc.

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