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Clean India Ventures Private Limited (CIVL) is an endeavour to bring a paradigm shift in how we treat our surroundings and wastes. The company is up in arms against the impending problem of garbage. Its revolutionary and awarded product Green Waste Reprocessor (GWR) has been aptly designed to recycle and reduce the organic waste to the minimum. Its path-breaking technology upcycles most of our organic waste like Garden Waste, Mandir Waste, Kitchen Waste and Mandi Waste in to Organic Compost and Liquid Fuel.
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Organic Waste Composter

GoClean Machine is designed to process the waste with its intelligent technology. It is the answer to the problem of processing organic waste. Machine maintains a right balance between temperature,
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tree plantation

The best friend of humankind is the natural setting that has been provided to us. Natural surroundings like fresh air, water, sunlight and much more are the basic requirements that humankind requires for its existence.
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street furniture

The role of street furniture creates the settings for resting, sitting and eating and social encounters with others. Such settings are a great importance to the elderly people, people who travel daily through public transport.
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