Solid Waste: Its Sources, Impacts

Tree plantation in India

The world is suffering from a waste problem. People are producing tonnes & tonnes of waste every without realizing the impacts it will have on the environment, animals, and their own self. Management of waste has now become an issue with international organizations taking matters in their hands. Tree plantation in India can support the cause, but taking necessary measures is central to solid waste management.

To begin discussing the topic, we must first understand what all kinds/sources of solid waste are there:

  • Garbage that is solid in nature.
  • Solid materials discarded from various industrial, municipal, and agricultural activities.
  • Household material consisting of everyday garbage, food, and yard waste.
  • Chemicals, plastics, toxic wastes, glass, metals, hospital wastes, etc.
  • Includes construction waste, biomedical waste, electronic waste (or e-waste) or even sewage sludge as part of different industries.

With various kinds of waste being produced in the environment, there are several detrimental impacts on the quality of human life and also the existence of this planet. Studies show that huge piles of solid waste when coming in contact with air and sun produce harmful gases which are harmful to the flora & fauna near the garbage pile. Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and many other metropolitan cities complain of garbage borne infections and report many deaths of people living in the proximity. Waste management is a necessary tool to obtain better living standards for one and all.

Solid Waste Management mainly refers to the complete process of collecting, treating and disposing of the solid wastes (as mentioned above). Managing solid waste is not just the duty of the municipality or other such bodies but also the producer of it. Numerous industries, households, etc. take necessary measures to manage waste at source but still rather a larger population leaves the world to become a more polluted place to be. Here are some impacts on the environment if the Solid Waste is not managed properly:

  • Polluted Air: The air quality in several major and small cities is already very poor causing damage to the lungs and creating other health problems. If the waste is not properly managed any further, more harmful and hazardous gases will be released into the environment causing irreversible damage to the environment and everything in it.
  • Polluted Water: The huge piles of garbage will create environmental chaos when they come in contact with sunlight and water, upsetting the whole ecosystem. Harmful chemicals, gases can get released if the pollutants, garbage and or even mixed organic waste come in contact with water.
  • Polluted Soil: If the solid waste is filled in land near water resources, the underground water can carry the hazardous elements from the waste/garbage and pollute the soil.

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