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Organic Waste Composter

Organic Waste Composter

GoClean Machine is designed to process the waste with its intelligent technology. It is the answer to the problem of processing organic waste. Machine maintains a right balance between temperature, air flow and moisture with right proportions of heat, salt and acid resistant.

The unit is capable of reprocessing from 100 kg per day to up to 3 MTD of green waste on-site. The end product is a solid biomass, liquid compost which can be used for various uses. The by-product can be used for green energy solutions. The unit is capable of recovering the cost of manpower. The plant works in reprocessing mode to take continuous input and gives continuous selectable output. Workers segregate all inorganic materials from input content and put them into a bin. The machine also maintains the moisture balance. The machine takes the load of more than 2 tonnes per day at top load. With built-in sensors machine helps in checking and maintaining the right balance of moisture and steam to process the waste. As the temperature increases, machine activates the bacteria which help in breaking the organic compost into fertile compost. The machine vaporizes the moisture present in waste and vents through the blower into the drain.

With organic waste composter machines, there is almost 85% volume reduction in compost formed and also converts organic food waste in 70-80% mature compost within one day. Machine also maintains the temperature and air flow to prevent the odour and pest problem.

GoClean Machine is a complete environment friendly machine with no leachate and no emission of harmful gases.

Features of GoClean

  • Minimum space and power requirement.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • Fully automatic.
  • No Bacteria or Additives required.
  • Low electricity consumption.
  • Low noise during operation.
  • Minimum Labour.
  • Fully automated control panels.
  • No Emissions, Venting, Smoke or Odour during the process.