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What is Green Waste Reprocessor (GWR)?

This is a modular machine which converts a different kind of organic waste into valuable by-products at the source of generation. All organic feedstock at decentralized installations reprocesses them.

What are the different variants of GWR Machines?

We have different variants of GWR machines ranging from garden and horticulture waste, food/vegetable waste, temple waste, cow dung in different capacities.

What is the capacity of the GWR Machines?

We are manufacturing machines of various capacities from 100 kgs per day to 5 ton per day. We can also customize our solutions for bulk requirement if there are any.

What are the specifications of the machine and what is the speed of the machine?

Smallest Unit is 5 feet x 4 feet x 3 feet while the largest size of the machine is 10 feet X 10 feet X 12 feet. The speed of the machine ranges from 960 to 1500 RPM.

What is the Price Range of the GWR Machines?

Our Machine’s pricing starts from as low as 5 Lakhs to 40 lakhs Rupees. Price depends on the capacity, features and minimum order quantity (MOQ) of the machine.

Is it a modified thresher which farmers use in villages?

No, it’s not a modified Thrasher. It’s a biomass granule converter as well other reprocessor modules for different sources, included in our compact models.

Where else can we use this machine except Government Agencies?

This machine can be installed in Parks, Hotels, Farm Houses, Fruit/Vegetable Markets, Temples, Near River banks, Residential Societies, Factories & Depots, Corporate Offices, and Golf Course etc.

If an entrepreneur wants to invest and install the machine, how can they earn returns on the machine?

We have various business models which can be mutually discussed in personal meetings. Our machine generates a valuable by-product (fuel sticks & organic manure) which can be further sold in the market at a good price. Fuel sticks are sold at a good price in the international market.

What is a fuel stick and what is the purpose of the fuel stick?

Fuel stick is an alternate for cooking purpose or heat energy source which burns smokeless in a specially designed low-cost furnace (improved biomass stove). The uses of fuel sticks are various from clean cooking to electricity generation.

What is the liquid form of Compost and why it is used?

Liquid Compost is a by-product comes that is generated from our Temple, Vegetable Market Model. It is a high-value compost and also useful for many other industrial purposes.

Who will take care of the Operation and the maintenance of the machine?

We can operate and maintain the machine at certain charges if required, otherwise, we provide complimentary training to buyer’s staff.

How much electricity does the machine require?

Actual consumption will be known when we know the capacity of machine you are looking at since it is varied and depended on the capacity model. Generally, on an average, it is 8-29 kilowatt.

What is the life of the machine?

The machine will work minimum for 7-10 years. We would need to do maintenance of the machine at regular intervals for services like lubrication etc.

Are you present in any other state?

Kindly refer to our Installed projects page: Our Installed Projects.

At present, has any Pvt Co. /NGO installed this machine?

Yes, we have installed GWR at Nigambodh Ghat, Aditya, Bestech etc.

Can we install these machines in Rural Areas?

Our models are dependent on electricity and it requires 1 to 3 phase electricity. If the area has such facilities, we can install projects.

How many employment can this machine generate?

4-6 direct employment per machine can be generated at each machine installation.

How long can the machine continuously work?

The machine can work continuously for 8 hours minimum and maximum 10 hours per day.

What is the response time for repairing the machine & network for repair & spare parts availability in India?

Within 24-48 hours, our technician will reach the installation and repair the machine in Delhi. For other states, backed by our team of expert service network to repair the machine locally.

Name of the agency the certified and accredited the performance test report.

We have got our test report done by Shri Ram Institute, Delhi Test House, and PUSA Institute.

BHP of the motor. Power consumption in terms of horsepower.

1 HP to 60 HP based on different models.

How much pollution is generated by the machine in terms of sound, dust, and CO2?

Although we are awaiting test reports, on an average, the sound is less than 50 DB and there is no dust.